A Man, His Music And His Legacy

A Man, His Music and His Legacy is a feature length documentary about Cenobio Hernandez, a musician who immigrated in the 1920s, to the United States. He made a good life for his family by performing in the orchestras for silent films. Cenobio played the bass, cello and bajo sexto. He composed over one hundred songs, which include polkas, waltzes and several concertos. Most of his music was written between 1940 and 1950; during the last ten years of his life. His compositions resemble that of the music of the silent film era and more notably like that of Scott Joplin. He was a prolific writer. He wrote music sometimes on his shirtsleeves, paper bags or on the back of receipts, then he would copy his work in pen on manuscript paper. He wrote and taught for piano but did not play the piano. There are interviews with his grandchildren and their reflection on his legacy. There are also interviews with family friends that new him closely. We've included dramatizations to bring the audience closer to Don Cenobio. Two of his grandchildren have recorded his music. Cenobio's music is played throughout the feature.